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Rehab Medical Celebrates 100 ATP Milestone at 2024 Annual Conference

Rehab Medical, one of the nation’s leading providers of custom advanced medical equipment, hosted a two-day Annual Conference in downtown Indianapolis where time was spent educating employees, celebrating key successes, and realigning towards a successful 2024. But amid company-wide celebrations, the most notable celebration came when the company recognized its staffing of more than 100 assistive technology professionals (ATPs), a milestone goal created to amplify its provision of custom mobility solutions tailored to an individual’s unique needs.

Rehab Medical Vice President of Operations Jarrad Rankin, who became the company’s first ATP in 2010, shared his experience of having to travel cross-country to support mobility users while also navigating a new industry.


“Becoming Rehab Medical’s first ATP was rewarding and tough at the same time,” said Rankin. “We had to figure out a lot of things very quickly and it wasn’t always pretty, but we got through it and learned a lot along the way."


ATPs are considered certified medical professionals with specific training and experience in rehabilitation wheelchair evaluations. Their focus is to analyze the needs of consumers with complex disabilities, conduct specialized evaluations to mold and shape equipment to suit that individual’s need, assist in the selection of the appropriate assistive technology, and to provide in-depth training for the use of the selected device.

Rankin went on to discuss the company's evolution of ATP growth, and how creating a well thought out service process became key to the company's success of reaching 100 ATPs.

“Eventually we put a smooth enough system in place that allowed us to increase the number of ATPs we had on staff. By starting with our strong sales markets like Kansas City, Cincinnati, and Louisville, we were able to build momentum. As we kept adding and adding ATPs to these places, we eventually reached 10 ATPs. Now 14 years later, it’s amazing to see that we’ve reached 100 ATPs, and I can only attribute that success to our phenomenal sales and executive leadership team.” 

This milestone amplifies Rehab Medical’s ability to serve a broader range of complex rehab patients, a showcase of the company’s commitment to employee growth and development, as well as its commitment to improving lives.


When asked, Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart commented, “This milestone is a great achievement for us, and we are very proud to celebrate it. It is also the first of many milestones we expect to cross. We have an outstanding team, and this is just the beginning.”


In the coming months the company has plans to announce three more offices opening, making this achievement instrumental to the success of those new markets.

As a two-time Inc 5000 fastest growing U.S. company award winner and a Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) Torch Award for Ethics winner, Rehab Medical continues to transform the mobility industry through innovative technology, a unique yet simplified service process, and its ability to create a positive culture that cultivates employee growth.

With reaching this milestone of ATPs and the ongoing growth the company continues to achieve, Rehab Medical is always looking to add to their already growing list of ATPs. As of right now, the company is looking to hire eight ATPs across eight states, so if this sounds like you, apply on their careers page.


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