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Rehab Medical Named Top 25 Fastest Growing Company for Fourth Consecutive Year

Rehab Medical is once again named the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies for the fourth consecutive year. Since 2016, the company has maintained a 74% growth trend.

“We’re obviously very proud of that,” Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart said. “We figured out what our model is, and it’s a combination of [organizational] structure and technology. We’re constantly tweaking what we’re doing and how we’re doing it to make sure we’re supporting our patients and our employees.

Sprouting its roots in 2005, Rehab Medical has primarily provided custom advanced mobility equipment to those suffering from immobility challenges. Through providing these custom products, the company strives to improve lives by providing individuals with the means to regain their mobile independence.

But a lot of what Rehab Medical focuses on, Gearheart said, is a core understanding of how to navigate the process of getting insurance to cover the equipment.

“Getting a doctor involved, a [physical therapist] involved, the family, the insurance company—there are so many people that need to be involved when we get people a piece of equipment,” said Gearheart. “And we’re experts in that process.”

Much of the company’s success has come from organic growth, acquisitions that enabled expansions, and positioning the right people in the right places at the right time. In the past year, the company onboarded Chief Strategy Officer Travis Bonnell to focus on leading and facilitating growth and development. This new addition to the leadership team allowed them to break into new territories such as Texas and Tennessee, and expand its presence in Central Florida to reach more mobility users.

“Our vision is, we want to be the national leader,” said Gearheart. “And to be the national leader, you have to be in all 50 states. So, we’re trying to get there, but we’re doing it the right way.”

After a global pandemic shut down the economy, Rehab Medical faced unforeseen obstacles. The company struggled to visit doctors’ offices and clinics, which were either shutting down or trying to keep people out. But they were reminded, Gearheart said, that if the patients can’t get access to needed equipment, they’re likely to end up in nursing homes or hospitals.

In addition, patients were hesitant to have anyone in their homes. In that case, Rehab Medical turned to technology to provide patients with training videos and delivery videos so they could get the information needed and shorten the timeframe of being in a patient’s home.

Looking Ahead

Is there a five-peat in Rehab Medical’s future? “We’re trying,” Gearheart said. “We’re getting bigger enough that that growth percentage starts to get hard to keep up. But I think we’ve got another year of 30% growth in us.”


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