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Traditionally, accessories are not paid for by insurance, however, mobility users can elect to pay out of pocket for accessories at any time during the qualification process.

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Purchasing Accessories?

From ramps and safety lights to USB ports and cup holders, Rehab Medical offers a multitude of mobility accessories for added comfort and convenience. When you choose to elevate your mobility solution with an accessory, you’ll be increasing your level of independence and simplifying your equipment’s ease of use! Speak to a mobility specialist about how you can benefit from our accessories.

Accessory Options

USB Port Accessory
Armrest Compartment Accessory
Hydration System Accessory
Cup Holder Accessory
Personal Item Hook Accessory
Push Handles Accessory
Reflector Accessory Kit
Wheel Accent Accessory
Weather Cover Accessory
LED Fender Lights Accessory (front)
LED Fender Lights Accessory (rear)
ez-Access Trifold Ramp Accessory

*Disclaimer: most insurances will NOT cover the cost of accessories; however, mobility users are welcome to purchase accessories before, during, or after the mobility solution qualification process.

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