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Manual Wheelchairs

There are many models of manual wheelchairs available on the market today to meet a variety of needs. Most manual wheelchairs are self-propelled, meaning the user must use their upper body strength, or the assistance of a caregiver to control the chair and move it around.

Manual Wheelchair
Man in manual wheelchair overlooking lak

Considering a Manual Wheelchair?

Discuss your medical conditions and level of disability with your doctor to determine if a manual wheelchair is right for your situation. Other things to discuss include the layout of your home and your employment situation. Your lifestyle and hobbies should be considered, as well as your physical abilities and characteristics, such as height and weight, when determining which type of mobility equipment is right for you.

Manual wheelchair

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Manual Wheelchair:

Simple and easy to maneuver; folds nicely for transport

Can be customized to accommodate a variety of conditions

Require less maintenance and upkeep than other wheelchair models

Do not rely on batteries or electrical systems to operate

Manual wheelchairs can be customized to your situation and include things like anti-tip features, extended seat sizes for bariatric patients, a variety of tire sizes, tilt options to relieve pressure and motorized propulsion options. Contact our team of mobility experts to get qualified for your manual chair today!

Manual Wheelchair Types

This list is only a sample of the mobility solutions we can provide. Please contact us to learn about other options.

Focus CR

Focus CR

  • Wide tire options to avoid everyday obstacles

  • Foot operated spring-loaded anti-tips for quick adjustments

  • Secure and smart tilt for control and security

Quickie 2

Quickie 2

  • More than 24 color frame options

  • More than 30 seat width and depth options

  • Q-Fit Technology guarantees a tight fit



  • Simple, modern design allows for six degrees of recline

  • Modified rack and pinion tuning to adjust chair while occupied

  • Oversized tubing makes it the most lightweight and responsive ride

Medline K4

Medline K4

  • Smooth-rolling solid flat-free latex tires

  • Swing-back arms with flip back arm release

  • Detachable elevating leg rest

Catalyst 5

Catalyst 5

  • Swing-in anti-tips make it easy to retract when not in use

  • Built-in rear transit wheels to navigate tighter spaces

  • Fender side guards to protect clothing from snagging on wheels

Medline K7

Medline K7

  • Upholstered and padded armrests

  • Carbon steel frame with rust resistant chrome plating

  • Chart pocket for caregiver easy access

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