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Bariatric Wheelchairs

Designed with special features to create a stable and supportive chair to help those with larger builds regain their independence. These chairs have reinforced steel frames, contain extra padding, are wider, and are built to accommodate a higher weight capacity & variety of body types.

Jazzy 1450 HD
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Considering a Bariatric Wheelchair?

When considering a bariatric wheelchair, you and your doctor should consider your medical conditions and level of disability when deciding if a bariatric wheelchair is right for your situation. Other things to discuss should include the layout of your home and your employment situation. Your lifestyle and hobbies should also be considered, as well as your physical abilities and characteristics, such as height and weight, when determining which type of mobility equipment may be right for you.

Bariatric manual wheelchair

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Bariatric Wheelchair:

Built to last with durable and supportive materials

Available in manual and power models

Provides more comfort and security for plus sized patients

Customizable based on your medical and lifestyle needs

Bariatric wheelchairs can be customized to your situation and include things like seat materials, extended seat sizes, higher weight capacities, articulating footrests, options to relieve pressure and motorized options. Contact our team of mobility experts to get qualified for your bariatric chair today!

Bariatric Wheelchair Types

This list is only a sample of the mobility solutions we can provide. Please contact us to learn about other options.

Jazzy Elite HD

Jazzy Elite HD

  • Advanced front-wheel drive for maneuverability

  • Two-motor for premium performance

  • Shroud and controller guards for protection

Maxima 3-Wheel Scooter

Maxima 3-Wheel VHD

  • Adjustable armrest for comfort

  • 49-inch radius for increased accessibility

  • Elevated seating for extended reachability

Q6 Edge HD

Q6 Edge HD

  • Six wheels for ground stability

  • Optional LED Fender lights

  • Bluetooth connectivity available

Velocity HD

Velocity HD

  • Batteries rated up to 12 miles per charge

  • Luxury seating

  • Greater stability with wider casters

Jazzy 1450

Jazzy 1450

  • Intelligent electronic braking for instant safety

  • Included 2-year warranty on electrical components

  • Motor package available for high-performance

Medline K7

Medline K7

  • Rust-proof & chip-resistant frame

  • Easy to clean upholstery

  • Swing Away & Elevated leg rest options

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