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Providing Mobility Solutions

We’ll help guide your patients through the complex insurance process.

Leaders in Empowering Mobility Freedom

Through innovative technology and the industry’s largest collection of insurance specialists, Rehab Medical prides itself on helping patients receive their mobility equipment two-times faster than the average provider. Join our comprehensive network of doctors, clinicians, and physical therapists who have entrusted their patients with our team of expert mobility specialists who guide patients through the complex process of obtaining wheelchair equipment through their insurance.

The Rehab Medical Difference

Experts in Complex Rehab Technology

Each patient entrusted to Rehab Medical is supported by a team of mobility experts who are passionate about helping individuals restore their mobility freedom, including a Sales Representative, Assistive Technology Professional, Patient Care Representative, Insurance Specialist, and Billing expert. Together we help navigate your patient through the complex insurance process so you can keep your focus on supporting new patients at your practice.


Leaders in Technology

Whether it’s leveraging our custom client relationship management system or providing routine follow up calls with patients, Rehab Medical prides itself on transparency and clear communication throughout the process of obtaining new equipment. We do this primarily through our Rehab Seating application, which provides partners with a direct line to order updates for all patients currently ordering equipment from us. We also provide patients with updates through our myRehabMedical app, which offers real-time updates on active and past orders. Both applications tie directly into Rehab Medical’s database, thus providing instant order updates at the push of a button.


Masters of Insurance Process

We understand helping a patient navigate through the complex insurance process can be overwhelming, so we’ve assembled a team of experts who understand all the intricacies that come with submitting mobility requests through Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance companies. This process starts at the initial intake of a patient to set expectations, where we conduct a pre-verification check to ensure the patient is eligible for new equipment through their insurance before having to make any type of commitment.


Customer Service Excellence

We believe the best approach to providing our patients with the critical support and care they deserve is through employing individuals who exemplify compassion and are driven by our mission to improve lives. Our award-winning team’s focus is on redefining industry standards on how mobility users should be supported long after the receive their new equipment, which is highlighted through the launch of our Rehab Express Service Center, 30-Day fit4U program, and additional support programs.

Our Process for Delivering Mobility Freedom

Insurance Specialist on headset


The first step to acquire new medical equipment through insurance is to provide Rehab Medical with the patient's basic information, such as contact information and insurance details. Our dedicated team of insurance specialists will use this information to discover if his/her current insurance plan(s) will cover their new equipment from the very beginning. ​


Note: We work with virtually all types of insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plans.

Medical Documentation

The second step of our process is to conduct a face-to-face evaluation with the patient and his/her doctor and/or physical therapist to determine their mobility needs. A member of our talented team of Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) will join to develop a custom equipment configuration tailored to the patient's evolving needs. Your Rehab Medical team will work closely with doctors to gather all the necessary paperwork to simplify the process and eliminate the stress of navigating the insurance process.

Patient speaking with doctor
Agent looking over insurance forms

Authorization Process

The third step in the process entails Rehab Medical submitting all collected paperwork to the patient's funding source, such as Medicaid or Medicare. During this process, insurance will evaluate their mobility needs and equipment requested to determine if it's medically necessary. ​


Note: In the event the initial request is denied, we will circle back with  doctors to acquire all the additional paperwork needed to get the patient approved for their new equipment.

Final Fitting & Delivery

The final step in our unrivaled process is delivery of the new equipment to the patient's home! Our team will work closely with the patient to coordinate a date/time to deliver the equipment, where an experienced tech will provide thorough instructions for how to operate the new equipment and answer any questions. They will also make any additional adjustments onsite to improve comfort.

Power wheelchair delivered to patient's home
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