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Let our team of mobility specialists help restore your independence.

Our Team of Mobility Specialists Are Available to Assist

We understand the process of getting mobility equipment through your insurance can be daunting and often overwhelming, so we have assembled a team of mobility experts to simplify the process and guide you through the complex process. Our passionate team will work with your insurance to verify what equipment you qualify for, connect with your doctor to acquire the required paperwork, and assign a team of mobility specialists to evaluate, measure, and order personalized mobility equipment tailored to your individual needs. Join 200,000+ others who have entrusted us with their mobility needs!

Discover Your Ideal Mobility Solution


Manual Wheelchairs


Power Wheelchairs


Power Scooters


Bariatric Wheelchairs


Pediatric Solutions


Manual Wheelchairs

A great choice for those with limited lower body mobility but who have the upper body strength and endurance to propel themselves without assistance.

Portable & Lightweight: Manual wheelchairs come in a range of models from standard to ultra-lightweight. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces and folds flat for transport or storage.

Low Maintenance: Unlike motorized options, manual wheelchairs don’t require batteries, so it’s always ready for use. Little to no maintenance is required, which means less hassle for you.

Easily Customizable: Adjustable heights, custom cushions, and alternative wheels and propulsion methods make this a great option if you have limited mobility.


Power Wheelchairs

Battery-operated and highly customizable power wheelchairs can accommodate nearly any medical condition or mobility limitation, requiring users to spend most (if not all) of their time each day in assistive equipment.

Safe & Stable: A lower center of gravity in power chairs greatly improves its stability and is a safer option to navigate multiple terrains.

Ideal for tight spaces: Perfect for smaller homes, the tight turning radius of a power chair makes it easy to navigate hallways, tight corners or obstacles.

Personalized Comfort: Alternative drive controls and a wide variety of colors, seat options and accessories means your new power chair will be uniquely built to your specific needs.


Power Scooters

Designed for convenience instead of medical necessity, scooters are a great option to provide assistance to those who have difficulty walking unassisted for long distances or extended periods of time.

Travel Friendly: Scooters are often lightweight and foldable, making transport a breeze and can often fit in the trunk of a vehicle, reducing the need for vehicle ramps or modifications.

Simple & Affordable: Scooters can be an affordable entry-level mobility assistance option. With limited options for customization, scooters are straightforward, user-friendly, and easy to operate.

Fosters Independence: Provides confidence for occasional assistance, without significant medical need, to stay active, socialized and engaged.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

Specialty wheelchairs designed for mobility users who require extended sizing options.

Secure & Durable: Built to last, bariatric wheelchairs are made from reinforced PVC and/or steel, making them durable, lightweight and portable for caregivers or mobility users to maneuver.

Supportive & Comfortable: With a variety of seat widths, leg rest and tilting options, bariatric wheelchairs can help reduce pain and pressure, decrease swelling and provide comfortable, supportive positioning.

Accommodating: Available in both manual and power models, bariatric wheelchairs can provide a solution to nearly any mobility limitation to help maintain independence and peace of mind.


Pediatric Solutions

A wide range of mobility solutions designed to adapt and grow with the user from infancy to young adulthood.

Versatile: From wheelchairs and strollers, to standing solutions and feeding options, each help provide support for daily living activities, transportation, and maintaining independence.

Adjustable: Nearly all pediatric solutions are designed to easily adapt to meet the ever-changing medical needs and rapid growth of young mobility users.

Comfort & Security: Uniquely designed to reduce pain and pressure while maintaining the proper positioning and safety of the child.



Rehab Medical offers many mobility accessories for added comfort and convenience, from ramps and safety lights to USB ports and cup holders when ordering your wheelchair. When you choose to elevate your mobility solution with an accessory, you’ll increase your level of independence and simplify the ease of use of your equipment! Make sure to speak to a mobility specialist about how you can benefit from our accessories.

*Disclaimer: most insurances will not cover the cost of accessories; however, mobility users are welcome to purchase accessories during the ordering process.

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