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Pediatric Wheelchairs

A pediatric wheelchair can provide your child with the tools they need to explore the world and discover new adventures. With customizable styles and features almost any pediatric wheelchair is designed to grow and develop with your child while providing comfort, stability, and independence.

Pediatric Solutions
Father and Son in power wheelchair grilling dinner

Considering a Pediatric Wheelchair?

It’s important to consult your child’s primary care physician as well as a seating specialist about your child’s medical needs and mobility limitations. Given that pediatric solutions require regular growth adjustments, you and your child’s therapist should be well educated on how to properly adjust equipment to not impair healthy growth and development outcomes. Other things to consider are how and when your child will be using the equipment. Will they be a full-time user or part time user? Will the equipment be used primarily at home, or will it be used to navigate school? Your child’s daily lifestyle and physical capabilities should be thoroughly evaluated when you consult with their doctor to determine which pediatric solution is best for them and their evolving needs.

Bantam extra small purple Pediatric Wheelchair

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pediatric Wheelchair:

Promotes healthy growth and development

A variety of options and features to fit your child’s personality

Simplifies daily care

Available in self-propelled or caregiver driven designs

While we offer a variety of pediatric wheelchairs designed to grow with your child, we also offer a variety of rehabilitative and early intervention solutions to aid in your child’s healthy development. Contact our team of mobility experts to see if your child qualifies for a pediatric solution today!

Pediatric Wheelchair Types

This list is only a sample of the mobility solutions we can provide. Please contact us to learn about other options.

Little Wave Flip

Little Wave Flip

  • Wheel locks for parental control

  • Flip Up Anti-Tips to maneuver past everyday obstacles

  • Effortless folding for transportation

MyGo Seating System

Mygo Seat

  • Hip guides for postural support

  • Adjustable armrests for extra comfort

  • Customizable footplates for security

MyGo Stander

Mygo Stander

  • Angle adjustments for knee and foot support

  • 25-degree fixed hip and knee adjustment for a tight fit

  • Two sizes available for ages 4-14 years old

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