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Rehab Medical: People Grow Companies

By Tracy Orzel |

INDIANAPOLIS – Rehab Medical hosted 375 employees at its annual meeting here Jan. 9-10, 150 more employees than last year.

A big reason for that growth: The regional complex rehab provider acquired Cork Medical and OMS Rehab in 2019, and Family Medical Supply in 2018. 

“We’re looking for new territories—we’re always looking,” said President Kevin Gearheart. 

The purpose of the annual meeting is to provide continuing education opportunities for its ATPs and training for its sales and marketing reps, and to launch into the new year as a cohesive unit.

It’s also a time to celebrate the company’s accomplishments by acknowledging the individuals who have made it successful.

“Someone told me companies don’t grow, people do,” said Gearheart. “You can’t be successful without your people and if you don’t praise and celebrate that, you’re never going to create the culture you want and we want a company of people that pushes, inspires, motivates and supports each other.”

Rehab Medical gave out numerous sales and operations awards at the meeting, including an Employee Excellence Award, which is based on the company’s three core values: energetic to achieve, hard work with balance, and compassion. This year, four employees received the distinction and were rewarded with a trip to The Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach, Fla., for a four-day get away with their significant others.

Over the past three years, Rehab Medical has grown 30% every year, and they intend to do the same in 2020 through organic growth and acquisition targets.

“And that goes back to the same approach with employees,” Gearheart said. “We’re looking for folks and companies that want to be a part of this.”


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