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Rehab Medical Launches New Website to Better Support the Needs of its Patients, Partners, and Employees

The Rehab Medical team has launched a new website to support the needs of its patients, partners, and employees. At first glance, the website introduces Rehab Medical’s mission and how they are carrying out that mission. Users can then see how they specifically serve their three unique audiences: patients, partners, and employees.

But what were the deciding factors that caused this new website to focus on these three pillars? It was a simple answer: Rehab Medical is more than just a company that provides custom mobility solutions, it’s a company committed to improving the lives of everyone they support.

“When we think of our mission to improve lives, we often think of the patients we serve first – and rightfully so,” said Director of Marketing Matt Gottfried. “But a key element to supporting those patients is through the relationships we build with clinicians, so it was important the website reflects all the great things we do as a company to relieve them of the administrative burden of processing new equipment so they can continue to focus on helping more of their patients.”

Earlier iterations of the website mainly spoke to partners and clinicians or patients only, leaving a big portion of other audiences left to decipher the mobility process on their own. But the new direction of the website focuses on educating patients on the benefits of custom mobility solutions, promoting company culture and employee benefits, and how the use of innovative technology eases the frustrations for partnering physicians obtaining mobility equipment.

Additionally, the website showcases the people behind the equipment who make the magic happen. This was an important element in the new design, as the company wanted to shed more light on its service excellence.

In addition to building a website that targeted all audiences, a few new features were added to the website and other features received enhancements to help navigate resources more efficiently.

Designed with the patient in mind, this page sets out to walk patients through the initial qualifications of obtaining mobility equipment. Patients will have a basic understanding of Rehab Medical’s process before, during, and after delivery before speaking with a mobility specialist. Additionally, the page provides information on how patients can help speed up the process of obtaining mobility equipment.

This page was created out of necessity as numerous patients shared feedback with the team on how they were using the site, how they found the site, what prompted them to reach out, what information they were looking for, and what were some of their initial pain points. This guided the team to develop a page that provides solutions for patients.

Rehab Medical has 34 locations across 18 states but not all locations operate the same. The interactive locations page was created to help patients and partners locate a Rehab Medical branch close to them to receive quicker service. By entering your address, city, or zip code, the location nearest you will pop up, then select that location to learn its office hours, direct phone number, what services are offered, and read customer testimonials.

Whether the user has a service issue, a repair need, or just wants a refresher on equipment operation, the new video resource page offers a plethora of videos to troubleshoot, understand, and take advantage of the unique features of a chair. It can also serve as a refresher on equipment education.

The frequently asked questions page was updated to address the main questions and concerns that were asked by patients and partners over the years. Questions are now sectioned into categories for easier navigation and there is a search bar at the top to easily locate any specific questions.

Understanding mobility equipment can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the mobility world. That’s why the products page received a facelift to navigate product options easier, identify which equipment may be best for specific situations, features and benefits of that equipment, and the type of accessories that Rehab Medical offers to elevate mobility equipment.


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