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Rehab Medical Partners with SAWs to Build Wheelchair Ramp for Family in Need

As temperatures plummeted and ice began to spread throughout her driveway, Indianapolis resident Cathy found herself struggling to access the warmth of her own home. Then on a brisk November day, her legs finally gave away and sent her tumbling down her front steps. It was an accident her family had long been fearing. But it was a fear that soon vanquished thanks to a glowing alliance between Servants at Work (SAWs) and Rehab Medical.

The collaboration with SAWs essentially took root years ago when Rehab Medical launched its Innovation Board, a group of creative minds tasked with discovering innovative ways to improve company culture. Out of those brainstorming efforts came the launch of Rehab Medical’s Philanthropic Initiative, which granted each employee up to 8-hours of paid leave to volunteer in the community during normal work hours.

It was this initiative that sparked a newfound partnership with SAWs, a local faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing freedom to low-income, permanently disabled individuals through the construction of wheelchair ramps.

With Rehab Medical’s specialization in custom wheelchairs and SAWs commitment to providing low-income families with wheelchair access to their homes, the parallels between the two organizations is undeniable. At the core of this duo is a commitment to improving lives, a commitment that provides independence and dignity back to those struggling with disabilities.

Together, Rehab Medical and SAWs returned Cathy’s independence.

“We were delighted to partner with Rehab Medical to help Cathy regain her independence,” said SAWs Executive Director Christina Starace. “The volunteers chose to move forward with her build on an unseasonably cold day because her ability to connect with her community was more important to them than their own comfort.

“Groups like Rehab Medical change the lives not only of the ramp recipient, but also of their caregiver. Now Cathy’s sister no longer has to worry while she is at work if Cathy has fallen again while trying to navigate the stairs outside their home.”

In addition to sending 10 staff members to help with the build, Rehab Medical was also thrilled to present SAWs with a check for $2,500 to cover the ramp materials and help the organization continue to make a positive impact within the community. The alliance between these two companies is one they both hope to continue in the years to come during their quest to improve lives.

“At SAWs, we are driven by the desire to free those who are trapped in their homes and reconnect them with their community,” said Starace. “While a rise as low as 1” can flip a wheelchair and prevent someone from connecting with their community, a group of volunteers can change their reality in a matter of 3-4 hours. By giving their time and talent, these volunteers return a sense of dignity and independence to recipients like Cathy.”


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