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Rehab Medical Opens Two New Offices in Ohio to Continue Providing Support For Patients

Rehab Medical is expanding its support services throughout the state of Ohio with the opening of two new offices in Toledo and Dayton to better serve patients and partners. The expansion adds on to the company’s recent growth spurt this past month that has featured the addition of offices in San Antonio, Texas, and northern Indianapolis.

“I am very excited to expand our reach into additional markets. We have put a lot of effort into building an effective and efficient service model, centered around sense of urgency and patient care," – Jarrad Rankin, VP of Operations

This is a great opportunity to continue our mission of improving lives and positively impacting the rehab communities of several additional key markets.”

Rehab Medical has had a strong presence in Dayton for numerous years and with the recent promotion of Calvin Hodder from sales representative to sales manager, the new offices were paramount to expand on resources and provide more accessibility to mobility equipment to better serve a larger patient population.

“Rehab Medical’s mission is to improve lives. Our expansion into the Ohio marketplace provides a platform for the opportunity to better serve a larger patient population in the state of Ohio, all the while providing career opportunities for individuals in an economic downturn," Ryan Commings, Regional Director of Sales

Rehab Medical is once again improving the lives of all parties involved and something I’m incredibly proud to be a part of!”

Earlier this year Rehab Medical announced its acquisition of Wheelchairs Plus to begin serving patients for the first time ever in Texas. The Toledo and Dayton office mark four offices in the state of Ohio and 24 offices across the United States.


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