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Stop The Spread: New Virtual Delivery Processes Protects Patients and Employees

Soon after the COVID19 pandemic struck, infection control and prevention became top priority for businesses across the world. According to the CDC, those most at high risk for infection are older adults and those with underlying medical conditions. As many began to quarantine themselves from potential threats, Rehab Medical sprung to action to develop innovative strategies to protect patients and employees. The outcome? A new virtual delivery process designed to minimize contact time and maximize equipment training for patients.

”At the onset of COVID, our focus was immediately on the safety of our patients and of our employees," said Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart. "We determined that delivering equipment was one of the biggest risks we faced and we had to come up with an innovative solution to minimize that risk, and do it quickly.”

The first step in the virtual delivery process was to modify our wheelchair fitting and delivery process since this is where the majority of face-to-face interactions occur with patients. To minimize contact time and shorten the length of time in homes, Rehab Medical’s marketing and product teams converged to create a series of videos designed to provide a comprehensive overview of each product.

Since the implementation of the virtual training videos, Rehab Medical has been able to provide better services for patients in more ways than one:

  1. By shortening the time span of a technician in the patient’s home it’s reduced the risk of infection and improve the safety of patients and technicians.

  2. Patients are empowered and equipped with advanced knowledge and understanding of their equipment prior to a technician’s arrival.

  3. RehabU provides a knowledge base of valuable training resources that patients can always refer to if they have any questions post-delivery.

All Rehab Medical patients have access to these virtual training videos through many different platforms. Prior to delivery, the technician will email or text a link to the patient with a training video for their specific wheelchair. Patients can also access the videos from our RehabU virtual delivery playlist on YouTube, or download our new myRehabMedical app to access training videos.

“Rehab Medical has a strong history of constantly evolving and coming up with innovative solutions," said Gearheart. "We will continue to do this in a COVID19 world and with any other challenges we face.”

The Rehab Medical team will continue to improve lives through innovation and the use of new technology. Our patient’s health and safety is always at the forefront of our mission.


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