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Rehab Medical Expands Florida Footprint

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Rehab Medical, Inc., a national complex rehab technology (CRT) company, announced a new office opening in Orlando, Fla. to broaden mobility solutions for residents in the community. Over the years Rehab Medical has revolutionized the CRT industry by constructing innovative solutions, unique mobility-related options, unrivaled customer experiences, and industry-leading delivery speeds.

Perfecting these services brought about tremendous success as it served Florida residents and opened the door for sales operation expansions in a state where there is a high demand for mobility solutions.

“As Rehab Medical continues to expand, we are finding that there is a large base of people who are under-served and are welcoming our presence in the market,” said President Kevin Gearheart. “We have already seen strong demand in Orlando, and we are excited for the impact we can have in the area.”

By the end of the year, Rehab Medical will offer full coverage support to residents throughout the state of Florida. Rehab Medical currently serves residents in northern Florida, as well as central Florida following their recent acquisition of Mobility Specialists located in Winter Haven, Fla.


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