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Rehab Medical Unites with Great Bike Giveaway to Provide Adaptive Bikes

Rehab Medical is excited to join thousands across the country in supporting Friendship Circle’s Great Bike Giveaway campaign, which provides families a platform to fundraise for an adaptive bike at a discounted price. Last month Rehab Medical donated to the non-profit organization, which utilized the campaign to provide more than 100 children with an adaptive bike this year.

“We are proud to partner with an incredible organization that understands the challenges children with adaptive needs face,” said Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart. “We couldn’t be happier to join our local community in providing these children with fantastic adaptive bikes that will unquestionably improve their lives and bring joy to their families.”

Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that provides programs and support to the families of individuals with special needs, has hosted the Great Bike Giveaway the last six years generating more than one million dollars in donations. Those fundraising efforts resulted in more than 1,100 adaptive bikes for children and teens with special needs.

Rehab Medical was inspired to participate in the fundraising efforts after learning about local Lapel resident Moya Avilma, who attends school with the children of multiple company employees. Moya, a 14-year-old with cerebral palsy, was adopted by her mother Shara from an orphanage in Haiti. It has always been Shara’s hope to provide Moya with the same experiences as her brothers.

"I can't just go to Walmart and buy a bike for her, you know? It has to be something that's specially made," Shara told WTHR. “I would love for us to be able to go out as a family and do something simple that most people don't think about. I just want my kids, all of my kids, to be able to share the same experience, you know?"

Thanks to the contributions made by her local community and the fundraising opportunities provided by Friendship Circle, Moya will be joining her brothers this spring on a long-anticipated bike ride.

To learn more about Friendship Circle and this fundraising campaign visit


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