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Rehab Medical's Guide to Servicing Your Mobility Equipment

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

While we aim to provide top tier mobility equipment, we understand that life happens and equipment may fail or malfunction. We also understand how crucial it is to your quality of life when your equipment is not fully functional, which is why our team of highly skilled service techs recognize the need for speed and are ready to assist you through the service and repair process. Whether you purchased equipment from us or another provider, with the exception of Permobil products*, here’s what you can expect from our service team.

Initial Evaluation

When you call into our service department, we’ll verify your identity then figure out your service need. One of our specialty technicians will first try and diagnose the issue over the phone. If your equipment is experiencing any of the below issues, we can typically resolve it over the phone.

  • Wheel locks

  • Error codes

  • Battery issues*

  • Tilt and recline issues

*Most battery issues can be resolved once we educate you on proper charging habits. If your battery is completely drained, then a technician will have to come out to replace the battery.

In-Home Diagnosis

If you are experiencing an issue that can’t easily be resolved over the phone or need a replacement part, we will schedule* a technician to come out to your home and assess your equipment for further diagnosis. Typically, when our technicians come out, we will test the health of your battery, adjust any loose nuts and bolts, assess the health of your motor, test the health of your charger**, and check for error codes.

Some issues are typical issues we can resolve on the spot without the need to order parts. However, if a part is needed, we will put together a service quote and send it to your insurance provider for approval.

*Our schedulers will choose a date and time frame that best suits your needs. 20 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, our technicians will give you a courtesy call.

**If your charger has a blinking red light then it is most likely damaged, and we will need to order a new one.

Approval and Funding

Once your physician has completed and returned the prescription paperwork, we will immediately submit the paperwork to your insurance for approval. Please note that if you are a Medicare beneficiary, your original chart notes* will suffice to approve your service quote. If you are a Medicaid beneficiary or are using private/commercial insurance, we will need to request a new prescription or certificate of medical necessity from your physician before we can proceed.

If you are paying out of pocket or if we have a warranty quote, there is no need for any documentation. We also have various options to help off set costs like CareCredit payment options should you need it. During this repair process, if your equipment is out of commission, we will supply you with a loaner or temporary equipment, based on availability, to keep you moving.

Feel free to check in with us once a week for updates, simply give our service team a call Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM (ET) at 866.424.4500 and reference your ticket number. If you do not have a ticket number, be sure to request it when you give us a call. If you have an emergency service need, always call 911 first.

*These chart notes expire after 12 months so make sure they are still valid for the time frame of service need.

Delivery and Installation

Once our service technician arrives* within the date and time frame that satisfies you, they will walk you through the service process and go through a 10-point inspection to assess the overall health of your equipment. If there are specific issues you would like our technicians to address, please be sure to write those down prior to the technician arriving. If no other issues are detected, the technician will proceed with the part install then have you test drive your chair to ensure it suits your needs.

*If you are not home when the technician arrives, we will leave a door tag to contact us and reschedule for a better time.

Additional maintenance tips:

  • Check your battery health before leaving home

  • Charge your battery for 8 to 12 hours every night

  • Keep an eye on your battery indicator light

  • Make sure your chair is up right (90-degree angle) before driving it

  • Avoid leaving your chair out in harsh weather conditions

For more information on equipment service and maintenance tips, check out the blogs below!


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