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Care Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Power Wheelchair

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Getting the most use out of your power wheelchair generally comes down to keeping it maintained and in good condition. The good news is a lot of the recommended care tips can be done by you or your caregiver in the comfort of your own home. Rehab Medical experts worked with some of the top power wheelchair manufacturers in the nation to bring you a simple guide on how to properly care for your power wheelchair. Check out what the top manufacturers recommend below!

Recommended maintenance schedule:

Daily maintenance

  • Check that all switches, buttons, and toggles are operating and functioning properly

  • Charge batteries for 8-14 hours every night (for more information on how to properly charge batteries refer to our guide on how to service your equipment)

Monthly maintenance

  • Inspect for wear and tear damages

  • Ensure connections are secure

  • Check for loose wires

Periodical maintenance

  • Ensure motor and batteries are clean and free from corrosion, moisture, or dirt

  • Check for excessive noise like clicking or grinding

  • Check for loose parts or rattling sounds indicating loose screws

If you are experiencing any of the issues above and your wheelchair is older than five years, we recommend calling our sales team at 855-437-7915 or completing this form to get you started on upgrading your wheelchair, if you have not met your five-year mark, we recommend reaching out to our service team at 866-424-4500 to schedule a service appointment.

Battery maintenance and proper charging procedures:

  • Allow a minimum of 8 hours for normal charging

  • For prolonged use of your battery, charge the battery as frequently as possible

  • For heavily depleted batteries, an excess of 16 hours is recommended for charging

  • It’s recommended to replace the battery if it takes longer than normal to charge

Common wheelchair issues, their likely causes, and resolution tips:




Chair is on but not moving

Chair is in a tilted or elevated position

Return chair to a neutral (home) position then turn back on

Chair is not working or functioning properly

Batteries are low or wires might be loose or damaged

Contact Rehab Medical and request a 10-point inspection of your chair

Joystick isn't working

Joystick is not plugged in, not turned on or a fuse might be blown

Turn on joystick, check connections, contact Rehab Medical to schedule replacement of fuses

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