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Rehab Medical Launches Express Service Center

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

After the COVID19 pandemic began in early 2020, the global supply chain for wheelchair parts came to a screeching halt. Patients and providers began feeling the growing stress of not having access to basic mobility equipment. Three years after the pandemic ended, Rehab Medical launched its own Express Service Center to combat the still industry wide challenges with ordering wheelchair parts.

The intention of the new Express Service Center is to streamline the service order process, so requests are dealt with more efficiently, provide a concierge level of care for patients with mobility limitations, and to set a new industry standard for service needs. With this intention, Rehab Medical will be able to complete service orders in as little as five days, therefore providing faster turnaround times and reducing the amount of downtime needed during a repair.

How Does the Express Service Center Work?

With our new Express Service Center, we aim to enhance our patient’s overall experience and provide innovative solutions to keep patients mobile, as we carry out our mission of improving lives.

To learn more about our Express Service Center, contact our service team at 866.424.4500 or email


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