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Rehab Medical Continues Expansion of Clinical Team

Rehab Medical, Inc., a national Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) company, is looking to continue its trajectory of growth and development in the complex rehab technology sector, and did so this month with two moves relating to its executive clinical team.

Rehab Medical operates in 20 metro markets, working directly with medical professionals and insurance providers from prescription to delivery on products such as complex and pediatric rehab equipment, standard mobility equipment, and wound care products.

Long-time administrator and company pioneer Jarrad Rankin, ATP will be moving from his position of Director of Rehab into the role of Director of Operations. Rankin, originally hired as a Sales Assistant in 2005, helped lay the groundwork in the company’s early years.

“Jarrad has done an exceptional job driving complex rehab over the years as it has morphed from one small part of our business to being a majority of our business,” said Kevin Gearheart, President, Rehab Medical. “His knowledge and oversight of how we operate can now be utilized to provide more direct support to critical areas of the business.”

Rankin will oversee service, purchasing and insurance review, while also driving the company’s continued focus toward quality and efficiency in the expanding market of complex and custom rehab technology.

After a year in which the company has met and exceeded many of its aggressive goals for growth, Rehab Medical expects even more of the same in 2018. In addition to Rankin’s new role, Rehab Medical took another step in strengthening its clinical staff with the addition of William “Rusty” Mattingly. Mattingly will be joining Rankin’s team as ATP Clinical Trainer, and will exclusively focus on the clinical development of staff, technicians, ATPs and the overall improvement of the patient experience.

“Rehab Medical is committed to continuously improving,” said Gearheart. “In order to provide the level of service and care that we expect, we have to develop our staff at all levels. Bringing Rusty on board to drive this will position us well for the future.”

Mattingly fits right in with Rehab Medical’s commitment to patient-driven results, as he brings an extensive history in seating and positioning solutions. With an educational background in engineering and occupational therapy, he has been instrumental in the development of seating clinics at both Norton Neuroscience and Frazier Rehab Institute.


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