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Rehab Medical and Servants at Work Continue $30,000 Donation Campaign in Honor of 3,000th Ramp Build

Rehab Medical, Inc., a national complex rehab technology (CRT) company, and Servants at Work (SAWs), a faith-based non-profit organization, continues their wheelchair ramp build mission for low-income, permanently disabled individuals looking to overcome in-home accessibility challenges with a $30,000 donation campaign. Rehab Medical kicked off the donation campaign with SAWs’ first $3,000 donation and has committed to a tier-based contribution consisting of a $1,000 donation for every $5,000 tier met. As of July 8, they have raised more than $14,000 in donations toward their goal.

“We are truly honored to partner with SAWs as they reach their 3,000th ramp build milestone,” said Director of Employee Development & Engagement Dr. Julie Klarich.

“Rehab Medical is always looking to find ways to support the local community and we couldn’t be prouder to support this organization in our shared mission to improve lives.”

Additionally, SAWs launched a ramp it up campaign synonymously with the 3,000th ramp build initiative to support its $30,000 donation goal. The $30,000 donation goal is not only meant to support the 3,000th wheelchair ramp build milestone but will also support the builds of future wheelchair ramps, allowing SAWs to continue changing the lives of mobility users and reach another 3,000th wheelchair ramp build milestone.

"It took SAWs almost 18 years to build the first 3,000 ramps," said Executive Director Bob Richmond.

"The need to provide ramps is so vast that the goal to raise $30,0000 will assist in building the next 3,000 ramps at a faster rate."

The faith-based non-profit organization has changed the lives of mobility users since 2003 with high-quality wooden ramps. SAWs continues to search for in-need mobility users residing in central Indiana and are encouraging those individuals to apply for the 3,000th ramp build opportunity, scheduled for August 14, 2021.


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