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Rehab Medical Partners with National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology

Rehab Medical is excited to announce its new partnership with the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) to better serve the unique needs of its patients. This partnership allows Rehab Medical to join a national organization comprised of expert level Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) suppliers and manufacturers dedicated to ensuring individuals with significant disabilities and chronic medical conditions have access to the appropriate CRT equipment for their unique needs.

“NCART is a tremendous resource for our industry, fighting for individuals to have access to CRT while also fighting for providers like Rehab Medical. We are excited to join this great group to help support this great industry.” – said President Kevin Gearheart

Additionally, Rehab Medical will gain access to the latest and most accurate CRT resources, advocacy tools, educational materials, and much more to further improve upon its knowledge of CRT equipment and aid in its mission to become the national leader of custom advanced medical equipment.

NCART is a national association of CRT providers and manufacturers established to be the leading education and advocacy voice on CRT issues. To learn more about this organization and its partnership with Rehab Medical, visit


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