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Rehab Medical Joins Forces with Servants at Work to Revel 3,000 Ramp Build Milestone

Rehab Medical is uniting with Servants at Work (SAWs) to honor and spread awareness for its 3,000th wheelchair ramp build initiative. The faith-based non-profit organization has changed the lives of mobility users since 2003 by building high-quality, removable, and reusable wooden ramps for those using wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers.

The Rehab Medical and SAWs alliance was formed to assist low-income, permanently disabled individuals with retaining their mobility freedom by constructing a wheelchair ramp that allows them to overcome accessibility challenges in their home and connect them with their larger communities.

“SAWs is honored to partner with Rehab Medical for this milestone event since they’re one of the largest distributors for custom wheelchairs and our missions are so complimentary" -- SAWs Executive Director Bob Richmond

“We both want to improve the lives of people who need accessibility options to overcome physical disabilities and are freed from the confines of their homes with special chairs and ramps," said Richmond. "We look forward to this partnership continuing for years to come.”

Prior to the wheelchair ramp construction, Rehab Medical and SAWs are seeking in-need mobility users residing in central Indiana for the 3,000th ramp build opportunity tentatively scheduled for August 14, 2021. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply on the SAWs 3,000th ramp build application page to be considered for a life-changing wheelchair ramp. SAWs is also seeking donations in its effort to raise $30,000 as part of this campaign.

Rehab Medical kicked off the quest with a $3,000 donation in honor of the 3,000 build and employees of the company will also volunteer to assist with the build.

“Rehab Medical has worked with SAWs in the past on a ramp build and it was a great experience," said Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart. "Their ability to impact wheelchair users fits perfectly with our mission to improve lives. We are honored to have such a great partnership with SAWs.”


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