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Rehab Medical Acquires Crow Creek Therapeutics

Indianapolis-based Rehab Medical Inc. has acquired Ohio-based Crow Creek Therapeutics, allowing the company to launch a high-quality wound care division and grow its Indianapolis headquarters.

Crow Creek Therapeutics provides wound care therapy and support to patients in Ohio and Michigan. Rehab Medical says Crow Creek's employees will continue to serve those patients and the company's founder, Eric Sakon, will lead the new wound care division for Rehab Medical.

"Rehab Medical has a commitment to superior service and this move into the wound care market will add significant expertise in a space that will greatly improve patient care," said Kevin Gearheart, president of Rehab Medical. "We provide equipment and services to hundreds of patients every month that need quality wound care products. With now having a wound care division, we will be able to offer a comprehensive approach to our patients that need help."

Rehab Medical says about 20 jobs will be added in the Indianapolis market as a result of the acquisition. The company provides services in more than 20 major metropolitan markets throughout the country.


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