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Get to Know Cork Medical

With the recent merger of Cork Medical and Rehab Medical, we wanted to share a brief company history to get to know Cork Medical better.

Cork Medical is a medical device and support surface company that specializes in the treatment and prevention of wounds. The company products consist of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), specialty mattresses, overlays, and air cushions.

Cork Medical was founded in Indianapolis, IN, in 2007 as a durable medical equipment company that specialized in specialty mattresses and cushions. As relationships developed with a clear focus on “Putting Patients First,” demand expanded and the company started reselling a full wound care product line.

While tremendous growth was happening for the company in homecare sales, the leadership team saw an opportunity to improve upon the products available - particularly from a clinician or caregiver perspective. CEO Patrick McGinley worked closely with Clinical Director Matt Cranfill to engineer a better, lighter, and more powerful NPWT pump than those on the current market. Ease of use and troubleshooting abilities were also primary objectives for the new design.

The launch of Cork Medical’s product lines - Nisus NPWT, Elite Balance Air Powered Mattresses, True Balance Air Non-powered Mattresses, Forever and Freedom Ease Wheelchair Cushions, presented the opportunity to build new relationships with distributors to broaden reach outside of Midwest territories.

As the business model shifted from reseller to manufacture, it quickly became clear there was significant demand for wound care products in nursing homes, long term acute care facilities, and hospitals. With better products and a focus on continuous care, competitive pricing, clinical training, and excellent service, Cork Medical's reach expanded nationally to serve patients throughout the continuum of care – from hospital-to-home or long term care facility.

The recent merger of Cork Medical and Rehab Medical better aligns the companies’ efforts, which previously operated independently. The new direction allows the two talented teams to collaborate and work toward the shared goal of improving lives, while Cork Medical strives to become a leading global manufacturer of wound care products.

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