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Quick Tips on Preventing Pressure Injuries

Wheelchair users who are reliant on their equipment to get around are at high risk for developing pressure injuries. But there are many tips and tricks to help prevent pressure sores. Check out this article of things to remember when you are looking to upgrade to a new wheelchair or want to adjust your existing chair to achieve optimal comfort and avoid pressure sores!

Wheelchair Sizing

Ensuring you are fitted correctly during the fitting process is crucial. If your chair is not fitted correctly, the likelihood of you developing skin sores is high. To avoid this issue, make sure to communicate openly with your assistive technology professional (ATP) so your equipment fits the correct sizing dimensions you need to feel comfortable and ready to go.

Adjust Seat Positioning

Sitting in the same position for extended periods of time can cause severe skin breakdown.

We recommend adjusting your seat position at least once every couple of hours. You can do this by leaning forwards, backward, or side to side. If you are unable to reposition your body independently, you can opt for a tilt and recline wheelchair that can assist with your repositioning. This helps reduce the chances of skin irritation and added pressure from your equipment.

Backrest Adjustments

Many mobility users can sometimes experience back pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia or endometriosis. To help reduce back pain while using a wheelchair, we recommend obtaining an adjustable backrest. An adjustable backrest alleviates pressure on your back and can reduce skin irritation.

Seat Cushions

Considered the highest-rated product for preventing pressure injuries due to most pressure injuries occurring near the tailbone area. To protect the bone from rubbing or adding pressure in that region, we recommend investing in a wheelchair seat cushion. A seat cushion also helps support lower back pain and posture, alleviating strain on your lower back and hips. Make sure to speak with your ATP to determine how to secure a seat cushion specific to your wheelchair.


There are many methods to help reduce pressure injuries for mobility users. We hope this blog was helpful in your quest to mitigate any current or potential skin irritation. For any additional resources relating to pressure injuries, check out the blogs below!


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