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Servants at Work and Rehab Medical Celebrate 4000th Wheelchair Ramp Milestone

Servants at Work (SAWs) in partnership with Rehab Medical is thrilled to reach a milestone of building 4,000 wheelchair ramps. Since 2003, SAWs volunteers have built ADA-compliant custom ramps throughout Indiana, serving clients and their families with safe access at home. This significant milestone represents the ongoing commitment of both SAWs and partner Rehab Medical to provide accessibility and independence to individuals in need throughout the community.

“Rehab Medical is proud to partner with Servants at Work as we both have a shared commitment to improving lives,” said Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart. “Being a part of a wheelchair ramp build with SAWs allows us to give back to our community while also helping mobility users restore their freedom by improving access to their homes. It is truly humbling to witness the impact these builds have on not only the recipients of these wheelchair ramps, but our employees who are so passionate about helping others.”

Nearly three years ago, the SAWs team partnered with Rehab Medical as they celebrated the building of their 3,000th ramp. The event brought dozens of SAWs and Rehab Medical volunteers together to improve Dorothy’s life. Dorothy, a native of Indiana, suffered from severe medical conditions that limited her mobility. Due to those challenges, Dorothy had not been able to leave her home in over a year.

Minutes after volunteers completed Dorothy’s ramp, in an emotional moment, Dorothy was able to safely leave her home. The success and emotional impact of this event created a lifetime partnership between Rehab Medical and SAWs with hundreds of ramp builds and countless donations to support the cause. As a result, SAWs and Rehab Medical are proud to have reached another milestone and look forward to improving the life of the next chosen recipient.

"We are thrilled to reach this incredible milestone of 4,000 clients served," said Tim Thurston, SAWs Executive Director. "It is a testament to the dedication of our volunteers, partners like Rehab Medical, and the unwavering support of our community. Together, we are making a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most."

The 4000th ramp is planned to be built at a client’s home in Central Indiana on May 1, 2024.


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