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Rehab Medical Partners with Servants at Work to Help Local Woman Regain Mobility Freedom

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Last month, the Rehab Medical team joined forces with Servants at Work (SAWs), a faith-based non-profit organization, to build a ramp for a patient battling mobility complications. A total of nine volunteers worked tirelessly to restore Anna’s mobility independence.

For years Anna has had difficulty entering and exiting her home safely, so it was imperative for the two organizations to step in and assist with her needs.

Anna says, "It means the world to me to have SAWs and Rehab Medical build this ramp for me. I am grateful and appreciate the work these two organizations have done for me today! Now, I can travel inside and outside my home without harm."

It was an eye-opening experience for Rehab Medical customer service representative Sierra White as she had a firsthand experience with improving a patient's life. Sierra expressed, "To have the opportunity to improve a patient's life today feels great. I want to make a difference, and being a volunteer, building this ramp and watching the patient use the ramp is truly special to me."

SAWs exist to transform patients' lives and enable them to regain their mobile independence. For project manager Walt Maxson it was an honor and blessing to participate in something bigger than himself.

"We see all sorts of mobility complications from patients that prevent them from accessing their external community, and these ramps provide them with the freedom to explore the rest of the world. The smiles we get from patients at the end of a ramp build is worth all the hard work we put in to build these ramps!"

To learn more about SAWs or how you can volunteer to help patients regain mobility freedom, visit the SAWs website here:


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