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Reclaim Mobile Independence with Operation Mobility Freedom

More than 18 million individuals suffer from a mobility related issue and nearly 40% of those individuals are 65 and older.

While this number steadily increases, Rehab Medical has teamed up with a local non-profit organization called Freedom Chairs to bring mobility users a unique opportunity to reclaim their independence.

What is Operation Mobility Freedom?

Operation Mobility Freedom was born from the alliance of Rehab Medical and Freedom Chairs as part of National Mobility Awareness Month which was created to raise awareness and provide mobility solutions that drive mobile independence during the month of May.

Rehab Medical’s mission to improve lives through custom mobility solutions aligns perfectly with Freedom Chair’s mission to provide mobility solutions to those struggling to obtain equipment through traditional avenues for any number of reasons.

Sprouting its roots in mid-2000s, Freedom Chairs has supplied more than 150 free and slightly used custom wheelchairs to mobility users in the state of Indiana and across the world, while focusing on populations who have struggled to obtain mobility equipment through traditional means of insurance.

How Does Operation Mobility Freedom Help Patients?

The Operation Mobility Freedom campaign seeks to identify individuals struggling to obtain a mobility solution through insurance and other avenues. Individuals who choose to take advantage of this opportunity can obtain a slightly used wheelchair through Freedom Chairs at no cost.

Added Benefits

Additionally, any patient who receives a wheelchair through Operation Mobility Freedom will have the opportunity to share their inspirational journey of their return to mobile independence. By showcasing the challenges caused by immobilization and the steadfast support of two altruistic organizations working to reclaim the patient’s independence, other mobility users may become inspired to take that next step.


To learn more about the outstanding work Freedom Chairs has done to improve the lives of mobility users, check out their website here.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this unique opportunity, click here for more information on how to apply.


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