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Rehab Medical Brings Awareness to Mental Health Challenges

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Mental health awareness has become a rising concern for the last few years, giving individuals who have suffered in silence a platform to have a voice. As part of suicide awareness month, which occurs annually in September, Rehab Medical joined the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) on September 9th, 2023, on its Out of the Darkness community walk to help combat suicide, especially among those facing mobility challenges.

In a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it was noted that mental health challenges, as well as suicidal ideation, account for more than 30% of the adults with a disability. After discovering this information, it became imperative for Rehab Medical to take a stand in raising awareness.

More than six thousand people attended the walk at Military Park, located in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, including many team members from Rehab Medical.

Recognizing that individuals struggling with physical limitations frequently grapple with emotional and psychological burdens, Rehab Medical wanted to carry out its mission of improving lives to not just those needing a wheelchair but to any and all individuals who grapple with mental health challenges. It was a rewarding experience to see the amount of people who showed up to support this great cause. Rehab Medical Employee Development and Engagement Manager Jessi Harris states, “Our partnership with AFSP fills us with excitement, and we wholeheartedly believe in their impact on individuals' lives. Together, we illuminate the path to hope and a brighter future."

Please help us to continue raising awareness for this cause, spreading our mission of improving lives. If you or someone you know struggles with mental health, call or text the helpline at 988 for support resources.

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