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Nubability - The Power of Sports

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Sports can impact someone's life in many ways, such as learning how to properly communicate with a team or simply keeping your body in tip-top shape. For Sam Kuhnert, sports is his world, and nothing would stop him from playing the game he loved. Sam was born with one hand, which was not always publicly embraced by others. The thought of others doubting him became fuel for Sam. He would prove the haters wrong by becoming a high school standout ace pitcher and a highly regarded collegiate recruit. Kuhnert's success pushed him to try harder, and playing the game he loved would later motivate him to encourage others in similar situations. To learn more about Sam and how he overcame life's obstacles, you can purchase his book here.

Shortly after pondering ideas, he envisioned creating a sports camp for individuals with limb loss, concentrating on helping kids become world leaders regardless of circumstance. In 2011 Nubability was formed, and to this day allows kids with limb loss to have the opportunity to play the sports they love.

Initially, the camp focused on prominent sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. However, as Nubability continues to grow, so does the sports they provide. Recently Nubability adopted swimming as a sport which has already gained traction as one of the most popular sports at the camp.

Alumni members age from four to seventeen and have gone on to become top-tier D1 athletes in their respective athletic fields. Others have become world-renowned Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). "Seeing our kids who have become EMTs and doctors is so gratifying. People doubt and think everything requires two hands, but because of the confidence they gain through our camps and sport, they prove everyone wrong and show their will to do it," said Kuhnert.

Camps can often be expensive, resulting in kids being unable to attend. However, athletes looking to attend Nubability camp will never experience the fear of missing out, thanks to the camp's scholarship programs. Nubability primarily focuses on impacting as many kids as possible, regardless of their financial situation. Campers can apply for scholarships as many times as they'd like per year. Nubability has become one of the most successful and unique sports camps nationwide, averaging 56 camps in 14 states annually. Kuhnert stated clearly, "I'm not worried about money. I'm concerned about giving these kids a chance. The money will come if the opportunity is there."

Sam's TikTok page has gained some notoriety in the last few years! A pair of his most popular videos includes Sam playing golf and bench pressing with one hand. He also posted a video showcasing his talented singing voice, singing "Amazing Grace" while simultaneously planking. His video went viral in hopes of catching the attention of Ellen Degeneres for a chance to win $10k for a charity of his choosing. As of today, the video has two million views! He currently has 41,000 followers and counting. Check out the viral video here.

Nubability continues to impact and provide a safe space for limb-different athletes craving to play organized sports. Fellow limb loss non-profit foundations like Never Say Never Foundation and Hands to Love stand united to help impact as many kids as possible. If you want to make an impact for limb-different athletes, donate, volunteer, or sign up below!

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