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The Gift of a Life-Changing Experience

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) at Rehab Medical love to give back and impact the lives of our patients. Seth Reddington, ATP Support, had the opportunity of working with Sydni Hershberger to help her regain her mobility freedom!

Sydni is a young woman from Lapel, Indiana, diagnosed with spina bifida and has only ever used a tilt in space manual wheelchair. At the time of her evaluation, she was in her fourth wheelchair but was interested in starting the process for her first power wheelchair unit. A month shy of her 18th birthday, a power wheelchair became a blessing for Sydni and Seth!

Seth shared, “The first thing that strikes you about Sydni is her attitude – she is a very positive and happy young woman who knows what she wants. She enjoys spending lots of time outdoors and being under the Friday night lights at Lapel Highschool football games. She’s a neat kid, and our team was happy to have the opportunity to help her out.”

Sydni has a long history of procedures related to her spina bifida, including multiple spinal fusions and skin graft surgeries. She recently missed school due to her doctor’s recommendations to remain non-weight bearing. She had been bedbound and confined to a small school, and any significant amount of time spent in a wheelchair resulted in issues.

A power wheelchair with powered seating functions and the ability to pressure relief seemed like an excellent wheelchair for Sydni, especially with the news that Sydni was planning to attend college next fall.

Seth said, “We configured a Quantum Q6 Edge with power tilt, recline, articulating feet, trunk, pelvic positioning components (to correct a significant lean), and a Jay Fusion pressure relieving and positioning cushion.”

Sydni’s Q6 Edge power wheelchair was delivered in late September, and Sydni’s family has expressed nothing but excitement! Sydni’s family shared, “All we wanted was for Sydni to have a power chair that would allow her to remain upright with proper pressure relief, access to our handicap van, as well as a way for her to move around campus when she goes to pursue her studies in special education.”

Given the impact Sydni has had on Seth’s life, Seth plans to keep in contact with the family and looks forward to seeing Sydni further her education and reach her goals in the future.


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