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What To Expect During Your Wheelchair Fitting & Delivery


The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Your new wheelchair will be arriving soon, but have you prepared for your technician’s arrival? Do you know what is expected during a fitting and delivery? Although the service tech will be providing most of the support, there are a few things you can do, and should do, prior to his/her arrival. Our exceptional service team has put together a list of what to prepare for for your tech’s arrival, important topics to be covered during the visit, and aftercare tips.


(1) Preparing for Arrival

Due to the COVID19 outbreak we’ve implemented new safety procedures for our delivery and fitting process. Be sure to check out our virtual delivery and fitting training in advance of your technician’s arrival. It will help you thoroughly understand what is to be expected and expedite the process to ensure safety for everyone. You can also directly access our training videos from our mobile app or via text/email from your service rep.

Currently, our scheduled deliveries take 30 minutes to an hour to minimize face to face interactions but normal scheduled deliveries should take about one or two hours. If you require mobility assistance, please make sure to schedule a care giver to be in the home the day of service. Prior to arrival, your technician will call you to let you know they will be arriving shortly. Please make sure you are able to answer the phone on your scheduled delivery date.

When your technician arrives, they will greet you and complete a thorough assessment of the exterior portion of your home. This ensures the technician can get your wheelchair in and out of your home easily. We recommend clearing your driveway and/or walkway to avoid any issues that may arise.


(2) Learning How to Operate Your New Chair

Once your wheelchair is in your home, the technician will explain basic functionalities. It’s important that you or your caregiver understand your new equipment inside and out to avoid mishandling. Depending on the type of equipment you are receiving (powered equipment or manual equipment), your technician will show you how to operate the joystick handles, adjust arm and/or leg rests, charge the batteries, properly lock wheels, fold and unfold equipment for portability, and more.


(3) Wheelchair Maintenance and Care

For powered equipment users, charging the battery every night for the first three months is vital to the life cycle of your chair. It’s recommended by our service team that your chair get at least 8 to 14 hours of charge every night if using it daily and once a week if used occasionally.

Manual equipment users with pneumatic tires (your technician will provide additional details about what tires you have) will need to keep a close eye on the air pressure in the tires. We recommend inflating your tires once a month using a high-pressure system like those found at gas stations and always replace worn or damage tires.

To keep your chair in pristine condition, we recommend routinely cleaning your wheelchair, whether you use your wheelchair daily or occasionally, with a damp cloth or multi-surface cleaning spray.


(4) Home Assessments and Wheelchair Fitting

Upon a thorough explanation and understanding of your new equipment, your technician will walk through your home and conduct a home assessment test to ensure you can easily navigate your home while operating your chair. It’s important to point out to your technician the high traffic areas and places you frequent the most in your home to ensure optimal range of motion and proper navigation.

Next, you will be asked to sit comfortably in your chair. If you require assistance getting into your chair, please have your care giver present. Our technicians are not advised to assist you during this process. Once seated in your chair, your technician will go over proper seating positions, make any necessary adjustments, and ask that you move freely throughout your home to ensure you are not experiencing any discomfort or difficulty navigating.


(5) Life with Your New Chair

With improved mobility, we hope your life improves and you are able to get back to the things you enjoy the most. But keeping your equipment in good shape plays a pivotal role in long-term support. After successful completion of your fitting and delivery, your technician will leave you with a patient handbook, be sure to keep this handbook in an easily accessible location. Always refer to it for equipment information and important maintenance tips.

Whether you are adjusting to a new way of life or simplifying a complicated condition, our dedicated service team is always available for support Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM (ET) at 866-424-4500.


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