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2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

The 2019 Rehab Medical Annual Meeting took place January 9-11 in Indianapolis. More than 200 employees descended upon downtown Indianapolis for the three-day event, which featured award presentations, 2018 highlights, company outings, and tons of fun! Congratulations to all our outstanding award winners! #ImproveLives

Outstanding Achievement Awards

Marvin Hollowell – Rehab Tech, Atlanta North

Frank Williams – Rehab Tech, Kansas City

Jesse Hare – Rehab Tech, SLC

Jose Garcia – Rehab Tech, Lexington

Kelly Markey – Office Manager, Cincinnati

Tiffany Mooney – Office Manager, St. Louis

Paula Pinnock – Office Manager, Atlanta North

Damian Chestnut – Area Manager, Indy and Cincinnati

LaWanda Morris – Area Manager, Mobile and Pensacola

Billy Metcalf – Area Manager, Lexington and Louisville

Terry Thompson – Customer Service, Corp Office

Alexander Spencer – Customer Service, Corp Office

2018 Top Sales Rep and President's Club

Calvin Hodder - Cincinnati

2018 Rookie of the Year & President's Club

Caleb Sargent -Cincinnati

2018 Rookie of the Year

Zachary Pasley - Indianapolis

Nicole Luke - Pensacola

Dejon Gary - Indianapolis

Patrick Taylor – Kansas City

Lisa Licata – Atlanta North

Bhavin Joshi – Atlanta North

Clay Stewart - Louisville

Victor Grey – Kansas City

2018 President's Club Top Manager

Jason Neu - Indianapolis

Jason Smith - Mobile

Jason Tate - Atlanta

Kenneth Flaming – Kansas City

Todd Troy - Lousiville

2018 Office of the Year

Indianapolis - Hannah office

Excellence Award Winners

Melissa Lafferty – Customer Service, Corp Office

Lacie Roberts – Complex Review, Corp Office

Jose Garcia – Rehab Tech, Lexington Office

Dan Delaney – Inside Sales and PCR Manager, Corp Office


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