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About Us

Complicated Conditions. Personalized Solutions.

Supporting the individualized needs of the complicated condition patient is our unwavering mission. A critical component to this mission’s success is providing unmatched expertise and quality support to providers across a patient’s spectrum of care. Improving patient’s quality of life is our ultimate focus; to do that completely, we must provide the same level of expertise and support to our healthcare providers, caregivers, insurance providers and our own Rehab Medical staff and team members.

To support this mission of advancing patient mobility, independence, and overall well-being and care, Rehab Medical provides top of the line Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and quality wound care products; each product and service customized to the individual’s unique, complicated and evolving needs. Our local field representatives strive to be an extension of the healthcare professional and insurance provider care team: providing their expertise and insights throughout the complex prescription and delivery workflows, processes and approvals. We are utterly committed to Rehab Medical employees’ ongoing advancement: promoting learning agility, lifelong learning and being the industry’s most educated and service-oriented. This focus ultimately translating to improved efficiency, accuracy, and quality focused care throughout the patients’ process. Together, each care/service provider is focused on their unique yet integrated expertise which then fundamentally allows the comprehensive system to provide the best service, equipment, product and long-term support for patients with unique and complicated conditions.

In 2017, Rehab Medical acquired Crow Creek Therapeutics to support its mission to provide superior service across the continuum of complicated conditions. This acquisition allowed Rehab to launch a high-quality wound care division and expanding services to patients with conditions including skin breakdown and pressure.

Complicated Conditions. Personalized Solutions.