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Power Wheelchair vs Electric Scooter

Comparing Power Wheelchairs and Electric Scooters


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When choosing a mobility device to help you regain your independence, you’ll want to make sure it suits all your needs. Often individuals mistake a power wheelchair for a power scooter and vice versa. While both devices offer a great deal of independence, their unique features determine the level of freedom and independence. Rehab Medical, experts in custom advanced mobility equipment, understands that with so many different mobility options to choose from, it can become overwhelming to find your ideal mobility solution. As leaders in custom mobility, let us help you find the solution for your needs. By entrusting us, you’ll join 200,000+ other mobility users who regained their independence.


Here are some of the most notable differences between a power wheelchair and a power scooter.


Power Wheelchair Features

Does not require upper body strength to operate

Zero-turning capabilities make it ideal for small homes or tight corners

Power recline and elevating leg rest boost comfort and independence


Power Scooter Features

Can be used outside the home and can travel long distances

Comes in three- or four-wheel options with removable basket for additional storage

Some models can offer a compact and foldable design to make for easy travel


Which is Right for You?

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Power Wheelchair vs. Electric Scooter Feature Comparison Chart

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