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Rehab University Empowers Employees, Patients, and Partners with Tools for Success

Improve Lives – a timeless phrase echoed throughout the halls of Rehab Medical. But how has the company been able to successfully turn this phrase into an action?

Beginning February of 2020, Rehab Medical launched Rehab University (RehabU), an extensive training program designed to provide exceptional training and education materials for all Rehab Medical employees, patients, and partners. Originally founded as a Tech Academy to educate Rehab Medical service technicians, this program has branched out into five focus areas: Tech Academy, Inventory Specialist Academy, Service Academy, Product Academy, and Patient Academy.

Tech Academy

This academy targets all new hire technicians and any existing technicians looking to further develop their skills. Technicians settle in for a five-day, classroom setting, course based in Indiana, where they learn the fundamentals of a Rehab Medical Service Technician. The class begins with understanding the academy’s defined core values: professionalism, expertise, and customer centric which lay the foundation for future success. Additionally, the class is broken into two subcategories: how to properly deliver equipment and how to professionally service equipment.

With the program’s in-depth training and the company’s dedication to providing the necessary resources for growth, technicians will come away with a solid understanding of how Rehab Medical improves the lives of patients upon successful completion of the course. They will also be equipped with the necessary tools to become successful and gain exposure to more unique career opportunities.

Since the launch of Tech Academy, patients have seen a huge benefit in the services they receive. Patients are well informed about their mobility equipment, technicians provide complete transparency during the order process, and mobility equipment is delivered effortlessly and efficiently, allowing the patients to regain their independence almost instantaneously.

Inventory Specialist Academy

This newly established academy is setup similarly to the Tech Academy but targets Inventory Specialists who are in control of Rehab Medical’s equipment warehouses. Inventory Specialists settle in for a five-day course and learn the ins and outs of warehouse management. This leadership role is a crucial part to the success of the Service Technicians and the success of the company.

Throughout this course, Inventory Specialists learn their defined core values: control, compliance, and accountability, which dictate the efficiencies of a Rehab Medical warehouse. These specialists have key metrics to meet and regulations to uphold. The majority of training consists of understanding the proper way to setup a Rehab Medical warehouse, creating effective processes to promote an efficiently operated warehouse, adhering to compliance regulations to maintain a clean and orderly warehouse, and getting the Service Technicians equipment needed to be in and out of the warehouse within 30 minutes.

Although this academy is relatively new to Rehab University, since its inception, our Service Technicians have become exponentially more efficient with equipment deliveries, allowing patients to access their equipment with little to no down time.

Service Academy

Targeting the corporate office Service Team, this academy focuses on equipping the team with a better understanding of equipment troubleshooting. The RehabU instructor holds these classes once a month, consisting of proper battery charging, troubleshooting flash codes, and other troubleshooting essentials. When patients call in for troubleshooting needs, the team can easily help the patient navigate trouble areas of their equipment and get them moving again. This academy has contributed to a significant reduction in time spent troubleshooting small issues, allowing for the team to focus on more complex needs of the patient.

Product Academy

Available upon request, this academy targets all corporate office employees. The RehabU instructor holds these classes to educate employees on the equipment Rehab Medical provides to patients and how it improves lives. This academy has equipped our employees with a better understanding of Complex Rehab Technology to better assist patients in all facets.

Patient Academy

Specific to patients, this academy focuses on educating the patient when it comes to their specific mobility equipment. RehabU has created a plethora of online instructional videos and articles regarding equipment overviews, what to expect during a delivery, troubleshooting knowledge, how to select the best wheelchair for your unique condition, and other insightful information. Patients who have taken advantage of this academy have quoted a better understanding of their medical equipment and have regained their independence sooner.


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