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Rehab Medical's App Smooths Ordering Process

Article originally featured on HME News

Between complex rehab providers, doctors, payers, caregivers, PTs and ATPs, it's difficult for patients to know where they are in the order process, which is why Rehab Medical launched a new app to remove the mystery.

“It’s built off of our operating system, which is why it’s such a great app for us: It pulls data from the application that we use every day,” said President Kevin Gearheart.

The myRehabMedical app gives customers instant access to order updates, service requests, contact information and product tutorials, freeing up the customer service team to respond to more critical calls.

While the product tutorials were spurred on by the pandemic to limit exposure in the home, they’re also handy for patients to refer back to when it’s been a few weeks and they need a refresher, says Gearheart.

“People get frustrated when they don’t know what’s going on,” he said. “Knowledge is power and we recognize that if we can give patients information in real time, they’re much happier with the service experience.”

The app also features live chat and video chat support, which allows technicians to diagnose or even resolve equipment issues over the phone, saving time and in some cases fuel and wear and tear on vehicles.

“We’re committed to technology because we know reimbursements aren’t going up, so for us to be able to do more for more patients, we’ve got to be able to scale, we’ve got to be able to utilize technology for efficiency,” said Gearheart.

As technology improves, Gearheart says he’d like to see more connectivity between providers and payers like Medicare and private insurance payers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different parties with different agendas, budgets and constraints.

“I think there’s a lot that can be done to streamline the process because there’s some things that are still very manual; we’re still on paper,” he said. “I just think that we’re still a long way away in terms of the ubiquitous nature of technology. It’s not quite there on the healthcare side.”


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