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Rehab Medical Launches New Website

Rehab Medical is excited to announce the unveiling of its new website today! The customer-focused design makes it easier than ever for prospective customers to find life-changing equipment for themselves or loved ones.

The process to acquire new equipment through insurance is complex and often difficult to understand. The primary goal of this new website is to provide visitors with everything they need to know about custom advanced medical equipment so they can make an educated decision on their mobility needs.

Below is a list of new features available when visiting the revamped OUR PROCESS

A key feature of the redesign includes a one-stop shop for everything a potential new customer needs to know about Rehab Medical and the order process. The Our Process page breaks down the complex process of obtaining equipment through insurance into four easy to understand steps. It also highlights other benefits of working with Rehab Medical, such as its Fit 4U program, service support, and CareCredit partnership.


Rehab Medical's product offerings are now divided into four frequently searched categories: Manual Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs, Pediatric Wheelchairs, and Wound Care. Each of these pages places an added emphasis on the product details, as well as a simple way to contact the company directly within the page to explore more options.


Also new to the website is the addition of a blog, which organizes posts into one of four categories: RehabU (equipment tips & tricks), Mobility News (focus on complex rehab technology), Company News, and Rehab Cares (community involvement).


Did you know more than 48% of visitors to come from a mobile device? Another main priority of the redesign was to build a mobile responsive website tailored to those searching for life-changing equipment. The mobile version of this website features an additional lower menu, which makes it easier than ever to contact Rehab Medical from any page via phone, email, or direct message.


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