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Michael: The Victory of Mobility Independence

Meet Michael Lyon, a 57-year-old male battling multiple sclerosis and secondary quadriplegia. Due to Michael’s limited mobility and not having a properly fitted mobility solution, he struggles to maintain his independence. Michael’s existing power chair was more than six years old, and unfortunately, this chair no longer performed in a way that fulfilled Michael’s mobility needs.

In desperate need of a solution to help him regain his mobility independence, Michael reached out to the Rehab Medical team for a chance to regain his freedom. Soon after, an evaluation with Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), William Mattingly, was scheduled. According to Mattingly, it became clear that Michael lacked control of his current power mobility device, which caused him to rely heavily on outside assistance to turn the device on and off. A new chair could increase his independence and give him a chance to love life again!

After completing Michael’s evaluation, Mattingly determined that a Quantum Q6 Edge was the best solution for Michael’s mobility needs. Given Michael’s active range of motion and cognitive abilities, Mattingly suspected a chest-mounted joystick, and a simple satellite switch was all Michael needed to regain complete control over his mobility chair. And to sweeten the pot, Mattingly added a Bluetooth mouse emulator to connect to Michael’s cell phone, television, lights, wireless internet, and other smart devices in his home so he can feel the full effects of being a completely independent user.

Michael’s new chair exceeded his expectations, and with all the benefits the Q6 Edge offers, Michael can focus more on spending time with his loved ones without the worries of being a burden.


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