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Make Your Voice Heard: Power Seat Elevations Medicare Coverage Under Review

On February 15th the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its proposal to expand Medicare beneficiaries’ coverage to include power seat elevation and standing systems – a major victory for mobility users. If the decision is made in favor of covering seat elevations and standing systems, mobility users who meet the below requirements will be eligible for coverage.

  • You make weight bearing transfers with your upper extremities on an uneven sitting transfer or you make weight bearing transfers with your lower extremities on an uneven standing transfer.

  • If you can successfully transfer with or without a caregiver’s assistance or other assistive mobility equipment such as a sliding board, cane, crutch, or walker.

  • You have undergone a specialty evaluation by a physician or seating specialist, and they have assessed you are able to safely use the seat elevation in your home.

The CMS organization and the Rehab Medical team are urging all Medicare beneficiaries and their family members, health care providers, durable medical equipment (DME) companies, consumer advocates, and anyone else that may be affected by this decision to let their voice be heard. The deadline to submit comments is Friday March 17th.

“This is very positive news for mobility users and we should celebrate that," said President Kevin Gearheart. "However, I think this proposal does not go far enough and it will take effort from all stakeholders to realize the full potential that is possible."

"This proposal focuses primarily on transfers and does not include other key benefits that come from seat elevation like reaching in a way that minimizes or reduces pain and injuries and for completing activities of daily living. This is an opportunity for all of us and I hope that people make their voices heard and submit feedback on this proposed decision.”

Rehab Medical will be advocating on behalf of its patients and partners it serves to ensure it can continue providing life changing equipment to those in need. For questions or concerns on how this may affect you, reach out to your local congressman or legal counsel.

To advocate for coverage, click here.

To register for decision updates, click here.

To sign the Medicare coverage petition, click here.

For additional resources on how to protect mobility rights, click here.


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