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How to Prepare if a Flood Occurs Near You

Natural disasters can happen anytime, so it’s important to be prepared for when that time comes. This article will discuss disaster safety and how to help you prepare for a flood if one appears in your area.

Planning ahead

Regions of the United States with low-lying areas near bodies of water are at high risk of experiencing a flood. Local government and disaster-relief organizations are always available to help if a disaster occurs in your community. However, you must plan and be ready when a flood appears on the radar.

  • Make sure you have a list of family, friends, or neighbors ready to contact if you need assistance. We recommend educating everyone on your list ahead of time on how to use any medical or mobility equipment required to help.

  • Many cities offer wheelchair emergency transportation. It’s recommended to plan for accessible transportation to evacuate. To prepare for assisted accessible transportation, work with local services, public transit, or paratransit to identify local or private accessible transportation options.

  • Create an emergency kit containing essentials if you need to evacuate your home. We recommend packing batteries, medications, a first aid kit, a whistle, a set of clothes, emergency medical information, water, food supplies, and a radio to keep you updated on the latest news.

  • Always keep your wheelchair model information with you. It’s important to keep documents tied to your Medicaid or Medicare insurance coverage in case your equipment needs to be replaced.

Travel tips during a flood

Floods can reach towering water heights, and moving across streets with high waters in a wheelchair can be difficult. What should you do if you become stranded because of equipment breakdown? To maintain safety, here is a list of a few recommendations to follow in case of an emergency.

  1. Contact someone from your emergency contact list and provide details such as your location and what you need them to do.

  2. Research accessible transportation companies near you for specific information, such as phone numbers and locations.

  3. Keep an eye out for landmarks and be aware of when the sun rises and sets

  4. Enter a local convenience store to learn about top-rated emergency lodging near you.

Product recommendations to keep your equipment dry to

To preserve the life of your chair, you should protect components such as the batteries and control panel. These components are necessary for your wheelchair to operate, so they should be dry as much as possible. Before you take your chair outside your home, here are products recommended to keep your equipment dry.

Natural disasters can happen at any given time, but preparation, communication, and research can make all the difference in achieving safety when these events occur.

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