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How Medical Alert Systems Can Keep Your Child Safe

In a constantly evolving world, ensuring the safety and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones is more important than ever. This is especially true for parents of children who have severe allergies, medical conditions, or are on prescription drugs. In a medical emergency, medical alert systems have emerged as a valuable tool designed to provide immediate assistance for sudden unforeseen health issues.

In this article, we dive into understanding medical alert systems and their role in safeguarding the lives of children and granting peace of mind to parents and families.

MedicAlert History

In 1953, 14-year-old Linda Collins accidentally cut herself, causing her to need stitches. Unfortunately, she had a severe allergic reaction to tetanus antitoxin and slipped into a coma. This event prompted Linda’s father, Dr. Marion Collins, to find a solution that would enable Linda to communicate more efficiently with medical professionals in case a similar incident occurred again.

When Linda went on trips, her parents would attach a paper note to her bracelet with her medical information. The note listed her allergies to tetanus antitoxin, aspirin, and sulfa, serving as an effective medical ID for emergency situations.

Others would see Linda’s bracelet and share the same interest in having something similar to communicate their conditions to emergency responders. Recognizing the need, Dr. Collins established the MedicAlert Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides a life-saving bracelet for people with allergies or chronic conditions.

For nearly 65 years, the MedicAlert Foundation has substantially impacted lives and provided a valuable safety product for people of all ages needing medical support.

What is a Medical Alert System?

Medical alert systems are important because they safeguard the well-being and security of individuals, particularly those with underlying medical conditions or a higher vulnerability to accidents. For instance, an elderly individual living alone can gain reassurance knowing that aid is a click away. Similarly, individuals with chronic health issues, such as diabetes or heart conditions, can also benefit from immediate medical attention through these systems.

A medical alert system is a specialized safety device specifically designed to offer aid in times of medical emergencies. The device is typically something you can wear on your person, such as a wristband or necklace, and it’s accompanied by a button that can easily be pressed to alert medical professionals and caregivers, ensuring prompt assistance.

Medical Bracelets vs Emergency Bracelets

Both medical and emergency bracelets are wearable items designed to serve similar purposes related to personal health and safety. However, they are different in a few ways. A medical bracelet carries crucial health-related information about the person, like medical history and prescriptions, while emergency bracelets alert first responders of an urgent situation, such as a severe injury or near-fatal incident. While a medical bracelet shares specific health data, an emergency bracelet focuses solely on providing assistance.

What to Look For When Choosing a Medical Alert System

When choosing the ideal medical alert system for your child, various factors need to be considered, including activity level, budget, style, size, and health risks. The process requires careful exploration and consideration of options, as the best medical alert systems should be adaptable to different lifestyles, comfortable to wear, user-friendly, and easily accessible at all times. See below for things to keep in mind as you shop around.

  • Upscaled signal capabilities to reach someone regardless of Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Two-way communication to speak with a response center directly to explain your situation to a trained expert.

  • Fall detection to alert a response center if you slip or fall, even if you can’t press the button.

  • Waterproof or shower-safe designs help you stay protected.

  • Long battery life guarantees the device remains operational as long as possible.

  • A quality microphone system for clear communication.

  • 24/7 location tracking if someone needs to pick you up.

Obtaining a Medical Alert System for You or Your Child

When choosing a medical alert system for your child, consider their daily routines, existing medical conditions, and their comfort level in using the device. To help you navigate where to find these safety products, listed below are several ways your child can receive a medical alert system.

  • Direct Purchase: Medical alert systems tailored for children can be purchased directly. These systems commonly feature wearable devices, such as necklaces or bracelets, equipped with a button for alerting medical professionals or caregivers. Retailers like CVS and Walgreens are top-rated stores where you can buy these specialized devices.

  • Healthcare Providers: Some healthcare providers or medical institutions may offer medical alert systems as part of their services, particularly for children with specific medical conditions or special needs. We recommend contacting your local hospital. Some hospitals provide free medical alert bracelets.

  • Insurance Coverage: Receiving a medical alert system for your child through insurance involves navigating the coverage options available within your insurance policy. Start by contacting your insurance provider to inquire about the possibility of including a medical alert system as part of your coverage.

  • Online Retailers: Various online retailers provide medical alert devices tailored specifically for children. For instance, retailers like “Medical Guardian” and “MobileHelp” are well-regarded sources offering reliable medical alert products designed to make sure your child is safe.

Stylish options

Gone are the days when medical alert products lacked style. Modern medical alert products have embraced design and cater to an individual’s unique style. Below are a few stylish systems to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping around.

Medical Alert Bracelet

Mobile Medical Alert Necklace

Medical Alert Watches

Medical Alert Wristbands

The journey of medical alert systems paints a powerful picture of dedication to safety and well-being. We hope this article has helped you in your quest to secure a medical alert system, allowing peace of mind and security. For more safety tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook!




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