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CRT Advocacy for Patients Podcast

To kick off CRT Awareness Week, Nikki spoke with Rehab Medical’s President, Kevin Gearheart, and VP of Operations, Jarrad Rankin, about how they’re turning Rehab Medical’s mission statement into action.

Rehab Medical discovered it garners the best results when its mission extends beyond its customers to its own team. Kevin and Jarrad illustrate how they successfully balance engaging their employees while also providing quality, customized CRT equipment services.

If you enjoyed this bonus episode and would like to go deeper with Rehab Medical and CRT Awareness Week, check out our second podcast episode with our sales leaders and clinical partners here.

Key Takeaways

Determine What Drives You

Supporting Quote

“One of our board members said, “Well, what do you guys want to be? Who do you want to be as a company?” We never actually asked ourselves that question. It was kind of funny because our CEO said, “Well, I guess we want to be a kick ass company and we want to take care of patients. And, we want to have employees who like working here.” We laughed and said, “Well, you can't exactly put that on our website.”

It forced us to sit down and be intentional with our mission to make sure we're very clear about what we're trying to accomplish. We worked through that and “to improve lives” is our mission. That's really what drives us.”

Focus On Your Customers and Team

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“If you want a truly mission driven company, you have to focus on your employees and the customers or in our case, the patients that you serve. I think the approaches can be very different. You're going to do different things for each of those categories, but they both have to support the mission and the outcome. They both have to be aligned in that regard.”

Connect All The Way Through

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“One thing I'm really learning is the value of connecting to our employees and our customers. I want our employees to see what the end result looks like for our patients so it's not just someone on paper. By making the connection, they can see the result of their work and how they impacted someone's life just by simply getting approval for that patient or making a phone call for that patient.”


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