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CRT Advocacy for Partners Podcast

When there’s a lot of mystery and confusion in your industry, how do you educate your customers?

In this episode, Nikki is joined by Rehab Medical’s VP of Sales, Keith Hawkins, and Directors of Regional Sales, Ryan Commings and Kenneth Flaming, and Violet Marrota, one of Rehab Medical's clinical partners, to learn how they empower their teams to become “Master Educators” for their customers. Their team improves patient’s lives by providing the medical equipment they need – and focusing extra on the details. To hear more content about CRT advocacy, check out episode one as part of our two-part podcast series here.

Key Takeaways

Sales = Master Educators

Supporting Quote

“Our team educates the offices. In this industry, there's a lot of patients that qualify for the other pieces of equipment. It's just not well known. A lot of people don't know the ins and outs of the local coverage like we do. We study those, and we really honed in on that.”

Move with Urgency

Supporting Quote

“I tell my team if you need to do something for this patient to move this patient's claim along in the process at the end of the day and you haven't done it, you have failed that patient. And when you say that, it's powerful. No one wants to fail that patient.”

Improve Lives

Supporting Quote

“We were referred to her by a traveling physician's outfit, who covered that part of rural Kentucky. Our ATPs did a fantastic job of coming up with a configuration on a complex power wheelchair to make transferring in and out of the bed safe and very feasible and easy on her caregivers.

We were able to put this individual in a position to be able to go outside by herself for the first time in six months upon delivery. It was one of the most powerful things I have been lucky to witness in my 15 years of experience.”


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