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Add-on Accessories to Enhance your Quality of Life

Wheelchair accessories are beneficial and can help you achieve a healthy, independent lifestyle. New chair additions can improve your experience from the very start by providing more comfort and convenience in various situations. So, what kind of accessories could make your day easier? This article will discuss what wheelchair products we recommend to increase your mobility experience!

Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchairs come with comfortable cushioning, but the material can break down fast, which could create discomfort, especially for those who experience skin breakdown and muscle pain.

Below are top-rated wheelchair cushions we recommend. To make sure you choose the right size, check in with your physical therapist to uncover your specific measurements. Most cushions are adaptable to any wheelchair model.

Wheelchair Carry-on bags

It can be hard to carry small products such as your phone, snacks, wallets while in a wheelchair. Having an accessible bag helps you keep all your things in one place. With many styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, your options are unlimited. See below for accessible bags we recommend trying out!

Cup Holders

Cupholders are also a great accessory to hold essential items. Checkout a few recommended cup holders below!

Wheelchair trays

Writing or eating food without a solid surface can be challenging. If you’re looking for a helpful product that may be overlooked in its value, the wheelchair tray allows you to properly dine, write, or do other tasks requiring a hard surface.

Accessories make all the difference when adding convenience and comfort to your wheelchair. Try each product in this article to discover what add-ons can enhance your quality of life!

Feel free to contact our mobility experts at 866-488-1687 if you have any questions about the products mentioned in the article!


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