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An Accessible Travel Guide To Improve Your Traveling Experiences

Whether you're taking a quick trip to the grocery store or going on a long journey across state lines, it's easy to forget essential items needed for everyday primary uses. Failing to possess essential products or having a plan in place can make you feel frustrated and stressed out before you even arrive at your destination. To make your traveling experience as enjoyable as possible. The Rehab Medical team has created an Accessible Travel Guide to help you have a safe, stress-free travel journey! Wheelchair Maintenance Checklist Personal hygiene is the number one protector of infectious diseases. Cleaning your wheelchair is necessary to decrease the chances of bacteria spreading from one person to the next. Before exiting your home, hotel room, or Airbnb, we recommend creating a cleaning checklist for your wheelchair to help prevent sickness. Ultimately, this checklist will help you stay clean and prepare for your activity! Items to clean on your wheelchair include:

  • The wheels

  • The armrests

  • The seat and cushions

  • The joystick

Products for Support If you suffer from arthritis, postural control, or propulsion, many products will help you gain the comfort and support you deserve on your traveling journey. We recommend these products for short or long distances:

Lidocaine Patches: Particular patches are used as an anesthetic and relieve pain wherever you place the patch.

Seat Cushion: Provides comfortable seating for the individual. Supports positioning and prevents pressure injuries.

Back Cushion: This product works hand in hand with a seat cushion. This product provides the same support but for individuals back.

Wheelchair Safety Belt: This product reduces the risk of potential injuries due to the positioning the safety belt provides to the individual.

Wheelchair Gloves: Proves stability when an individual pushes forwards or backward, ultimately reducing pressure on your nerves and joints. Emergency Care

Additional assistance may be needed in certain situations, depending on your circumstances. If an unforeseen occurrence arises, such as a slip or a fall, we have a solution for you! We recommend contacting Mobility Roadside Assistance, a full-service roadside assistance agency that specifically helps those with physical challenges involved in an accident. To get immediate roadside assistance, call 877-246-0979, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Mobility Roadside Assistance offers monthly membership benefit offerings to choose from, Adaptive Basic, Adaptive Plus, and Adaptive Premium:

Conclusion For additional travel resources, check out these stories from our blog!

If you have any specific questions about your traveling needs, contact the Rehab Medical team at 866-488-1687, and our mobility experts will help prepare you for your next adventure!


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