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Airline Special Assistance Contacts

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How do disabled passengers request wheelchair assistance at airports and on airlines?

Booking a flight is simple! I recommend that you make your flight reservations through Priceline, ensuring that you get the best deal across all airlines. If your trip will have a connecting flight, I recommend a layover of at least 90 minutes. This will allow you the time to move to your next departure gate and use the restroom.

If you plan to travel by air with a disability, you should provide your airline with advance notice. Proper notice allows the air carrier time to make necessary preparations, ensuring that your accessibility needs are met. Travelers should also familiarize themselves with the disability services and policies specific to their airline.

After purchasing your airline ticket, you’ll need to contact the airline to request any special assistance that you will need at the airport. Be sure to review the list of airline special assistance request codes before calling the air carrier.

Please note that all airlines have different policies concerning services for passengers with disabilities. International carriers operating outside of the United States are not subject to the Air Carrier Access Act. Before booking a trip with an unfamiliar airline, be sure to study their policies to make sure that your accessibility needs will be met.


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