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Accessible Formal Clothing: How You Can Find Your Fashion Style

The contents of this article is presented as personal opinion and not a direct endorsement of Rehab Medical. All content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Rehab Medical makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information in this article or found by any link in this article.

The Historical Evolution of Accessible Clothing

For years, the adaptive clothing industry offered little to no trendy fashion options for wheelchair users. Big brands’ clear-cut focus on accessible clothing was long overdue, but now that focus has arrived.

Fashion’s most prominent brands have stepped up, changing the fashion industry indefinitely. Brands such as UGG and American Eagle started the trend, and companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Target, and Kohl’s stepped up shortly after. In this article, we will focus on accessible formal attire for women who are mobility users. Let’s get trendy, shall we?

Due to the global pandemic, outdoor social events have become scarce, but venues are beginning to host more outdoor social events as the public health emergency ends. As you gear up to attend these lavish events, we want to help you prepare to dress your best. When you pick an outfit, you may ask yourself, will this look good on me? Does this fit who I am? Will my outfit stand out? You may have endless questions to get you thinking, and we are here to help you answer those questions once you start shopping!

Shopping Mindset Tips

According to, these tips must be followed when pursuing your next fashionable outfit!

  • If you are still determining if you like the dress, buy it and try it before you say no. You could change your mind when you see yourself wearing the gown.

  • Alterations are usually needed, and it’s okay!

  • Most importantly, take some risks and have fun finding your style.

Dress Shopping Options

Suppose you look for a specific item at the store but can’t find your desired color or size. In that case, we recommend speaking to an associate for details about your desired product! If you cannot find what you want in person, online shopping always allows you to find the perfect gown! Once you identify a few options, feel free to order and try all of them on to see how they look and feel. Remember to check the return policy on the retailer’s website if you need to return your purchased items.

Below are a few accessible clothing stores to check out!

Clothing Material Safety

Beauty is essential in looking for the perfect outfit, but it’s only part of the equation. You also need to make sure your clothing doesn’t cause pressure-related injuries. Make sure to look for loose dresses when shopping to prevent such injuries. Avoiding these specific fabrics that could cause skin breakdown and irritation is recommended.






Synthetic fabrics

Shoe Recommendations

Last but certainly not least, look at shoe choices. For a formal event, block-heeled shoes are recommended and fit perfectly with your wheelchair’s footplate. According to, you should avoid buying shoes with multiple straps. Shoes with various straps can cause foot swelling and skin breakdown. If flats work better for your feet, those are also a great option.

Be sure to try on different styles to see which shoes feel right and look right! Below are specific types of dress shoes you can try first!

Clothing represents your style and complements attributes of who you are. Whether you are able-bodied or a mobility user, clothes should fit you comfortably, and look how YOU want them to! We hope we helped you narrow down which product is YOUR product to express your fashionable self with!

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