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Rehab Medical Launches Unrivaled Order Tracking Application

At a time when most companies are forced to conform to the limitations of third-party software, Rehab Medical is breaking the mold and transcending expectations by transforming its custom-built client relationship management system into an unrivaled order tracking application.

Rehab Seating, launched in June of 2019, offers clinicians real-time updates on active orders for Rehab Medical patients. The unique platform fulfills a long-awaited need to have accurate updates at the push of a button for clinicians nationwide. The platform ties directly into Rehab Medical’s database, thus providing instant order updates without having to rely on a third party to make changes.

What we know, you know.

Included in the highlights of the application is the ability for patients to receive texts and/or emails as their order progresses through each stage of the process. Patients must opt-in to this option through their doctor to receive alerts.

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