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Express Ship Service Expedites Delivery Time for Patients

Express Ship is Rehab Medical’s new patient service program. With this program, patients are able to bypass service delays by having parts shipped directly to their homes. With the proper support, including illustrated instructions, many patients have expressed excitement to receive their parts in such a short time frame.

Amy Methany, who works directly on the Express Ship program, communicates with each patient to coordinate delivery and support for installation of parts. If at any time a technician is needed, she contacts with the local office immediately to coordinate a technician visit within five business days. Although some parts do not qualify for the program, eligible parts typically arrive within 3-5 business days, thus giving the patient more independence and control over their mobility needs.

By providing patients with this additional service option, Rehab Medical continues its mission to #ImproveLives and become the nation’s leading provider in custom advanced medical equipment.


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